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The Afghan is a hash that is produced almost everywhere in and around Afghanistan. The best views of the CBD Afghan hash come from the northern provinces. The cannabis used to produce the CBD Afghan hash is rather small and slightly fluffy. Usually, the CBD Afghan hash is pressed manually, adding a small amount of tea or water. Hashish Afgan is processed until it becomes highly elastic and acquires a strong aromatic odor. The CBD Afghan hash is stored in the form of hash balls, since the round ball has less contact with the air, but the hash press is pressed into the briquettes before being sent. The appearance of the CBD Afghan hash is quite attractive because of the delicate shade of color, which resembles dark brown caramel.
The main characteristic of the CBD Afghan hash is its particularly dark color, which comes directly from the resinous shades of the plants used for production.
The CBD Afghan hash looks soft and black on the outside, but at the same time quite dense and dark brown on the inside.
It can sometimes look greyish green outside when it remains in contact with air.
Perhaps the main feature of CBD Afghan hash is its aroma, quite spicy or even very spicy.
The smell of the CBD Afghan hash is quite strong, slightly resinous and intense, enveloping with its fruity notes in combination with hints of mint, wood and earth.
The taste of CBD Afghan hash is quite strong, pronounced and even sharp on the throat.


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