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The Amnesia strain, which is known to many CBD cannabis lovers, also has other parental strains.
It has a variety of genetics, which gives it the maximum effect, a taste of CBD cannabis Аmnesia with notes of pine and lemon, fresh citrus fruits and a mixture of earthly perfection.
The most incredible component of this CBD cannabis Amnesia fragrance is its spicy, unusually earthy scent that fills any free space around you.
The aroma of CBD cannabis Amnesia gradually begins to merge into shades of citrus, lemon, and sometimes pine, creating a rich and clearly visible profile.
Both the smell and taste of this extraordinary variety of CBD cannabis have a slightly sweetish tint that is transmitted to your taste buds.
The CBD cannabis Amnesia flower looks beautiful, with sugar leaves of gray, light green color.
Soft orange pistils stretch between the frozen crystalline leaves, they look like tiny hairs that curl and curl, blending around the flower.
Cannabis CBD Amnesia usually grows from medium to higher size, has a branched structure and is grown on many farms.
Growing most often occurs on the plains, this allows you to have very high temperatures, especially in the summer season, which contributes to stable outdoor cultivation.
CBD Cannabis Amnesia is also grown in tubular greenhouses, very similar to vegetables.
The greenhouses do not use artificial lighting, this allows to achieve excellent results in production without adding any chemical fertilizers or other undesirable substances.
GMO products are also not used.


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