Gorilla Glue

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The Gorilla Glue strain, known for its ultra-high CBD content, is definitely not for beginners to use cannabis.
Therefore, it is not surprising that all CBD cannabis lovers want to try something that always gives an incredible effect.
This is a high-quality CBD cannabis variety that owes its name to the large amount of resin contained in it.
Gorilla glue cannabis is often classified as a balanced hybrid, but its concentration of CBD is very high.
The Gorilla Glue strain has unusual light green volumetric buds, the color of which is very clear and characterized by light orange pestles, which makes it even more attractive.
Incredibly sticky flower, the aroma of which is quite simple, but sharp with a pungent odor, containing several shades of pine and other woody-earthy notes.
You can feel the distant notes of chocolate and coffee, ensuring that it is excellent cannabis.
This variety of CBD cannabis has a strong, intense and at the same time fresh aroma.
Cannabis CBD Gorilla Glue is grown on many farms.
The Gorilla Glue strain is grown indoors using the hydroponic method to ensure maximum resin production.
With this growing method, you can achieve greater plant development and better control of all its growth phases, especially flowering.
This CBD cannabis variety is known for its appearance and is very appreciated because it adapts well to any weather conditions, even when grown outdoors or in greenhouses.
Also grown in tubular greenhouses, very similar to vegetables.
The greenhouses do not use artificial lighting, this allows to achieve excellent results in production without adding any chemical fertilizers or other undesirable substances.
GMO products are also not used.


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