Pineapple Express

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Pineapple Express strain is a delicious tropical fragrance made from notes of pineapple, mango, pinacolade cocktail.
This CBD Pineapple Express strain is an undeniable favorite, one that you need to have nearby because you want to enjoy it in the morning, day and night.
Pineapple Expressis a balanced hybrid strain, really powerful and delicious CBD сannabis.
Usually,CBD Pineapple Express is the choice of a balance between relaxation and energy from CBD cannabis.
This CBD cannabis offers the best of both worlds, making it easily accessible to a wide range of consumers, fans and lovers.
The aroma and taste of CBD Pineapple Express truly impresses with its richness.
Opening it for yourself you will smell the ripe pineapples and mangoes, mixed with earth notes and a hint of skunk.
The taste of Pineapple Express is more like the name of a variety that resembles ripe pineapple, some citrus fruits, mangoes and other tropical fruits.
Truly striking in its sweet aroma of bliss, mixed with subtle hints of what can basically be described as a pinacolade cocktail.
Cannabis CBD Pineapple Express is grown on many farms.
The Pineapple Express strain is grown indoors using the hydroponic method to ensure maximum resin production.
With this growing method, you can achieve greater plant development and better control of all its growth phases, especially flowering.
This CBD cannabis variety is known for its appearance and is very appreciated because it adapts well to any weather conditions, even when grown outdoors or in greenhouses.
Also grown in tubular greenhouses, very similar to vegetables.
The greenhouses do not use artificial lighting, this allows to achieve excellent results in production without adding any chemical fertilizers or other undesirable substances.
GMO products are also not used.


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