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Vaporizers and non-electric aromatherapy devices.

There are many different and popular ways to consume CBD cannabis, and one of them is the Vaporizer.
La Hierba CBD Shop offers a line of quality non-electronic DynaVap aromatherapy devices.
DynaVap devices do not require batteries or electronics to operate and will use any heat source that is directly heated, such as a butane lighter.
Thus, convection heating occurs, the CBD cannabis is burned and the cannabinoids are activated.
Each DynaVap Vaporizer has a built-in thermostat, which, thanks to a special silk, allows you to understand that heating has occurred.
This is necessary to control the correct temperature and to maximize the cannabinoid release effect.
Convection results in a smoother effect and is more common only in more expensive devices.
The DynaVap is unlike any other vaporizer, so give it a few tries to empty to get a feel for its unique click indicating the temperature.
We recommend that you do at least two test runs before using for the first time.
Heat the middle of the cap, not the end, and rotate while heating.
If more than 6 seconds have passed and you do not hear a click, stop heating and let it cool down.
It is very important to hear the cooling click or allow it to cool to the touch before heating for the next cycle.
Repeat this process several times to get a feel for how this block works.
If you have further questions or need instructions on how to use DynaVap, please contact La Hierba CBD Shop support.