White Widow

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The White Widow strain has become one of the most popular CBD cannabis varieties worldwide.
Initially, the entire growing process and composition of this CBD hemp variety was not disclosed, although we know that seeds from India and Brazil were used for this.
Most flowers of this variety of CBD cannabis are medium or small in size.
The green color of the buds is combined with the dark orange almost red pestles and trichomes.
If you are looking for an upbeat mood filled with social energy and motivation, then you will probably have to choose the White Widow variety.
White Widow is a dynamic mix of hemp spice mixed with exotic equatorial berries.
This CBD cannabis variety is the most popular and revered among CBD fans.
Some CBD flowers express a particularly fruity or spicy taste, as if you had just bitten a ripe peach or a juicy apple mixed with spices such as nutmeg or cinnamon.
It has the aroma of peach, skunk, fruit and spices.
The taste is classic, heady, rich and enveloping with the smell of wood, earth and pine, as well as softness, which strikes with its exotic aroma.
White Widow relaxes you perfectly, a great option for morning use.
Cannabis CBD White Widow is grown on many farms.
Growing most often occurs on the plains, this allows you to have very high temperatures, especially in the summer season, which contributes to stable outdoor cultivation.
Cannabis White Widow is also grown in tubular greenhouses, very similar to vegetables.
The greenhouses do not use artificial lighting, this allows to achieve excellent results in production without adding any chemical fertilizers or other undesirable substances.
GMO products are also not used.


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